Writing an Abortion Research Paper

When the word abortion is mentioned, negative connotations come to mind. Phrases like “abort mission” and abortion as a medical term come up because this word, in one way or another relates to the arrest, abandonment or cancellation of developments and events. This word has its roots in Latin etymology, from the word “aboriri” which means miscarry. One aspect of abortion that people everywhere focus on is medical abortion, and from the conversations surrounding the topic that continues to spark up every day, it seems that the dust is not about to settle any soon. The discussion below focuses on this aspect of abortion, abortion from the medical perspective and how you can write a research paper based on the same in a captivating way that convinces anybody that comes across your paper. As a student, you will come across different types of research papers during your time in college, and this is a topic that you are likely to tackle, no matter the course you take or your specialization. Abortion is a controversial topic that helps spark up conversations in our daily lives and can provide a platform for students to develop their critical thinking skills on paper as well. It is, therefore, important that you understand how to write these types of research papers.

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Why is the topic of abortion important?

The topic of abortion is critical to society today mainly because it is an ethical issue that is dependent on factors such as religion and culture. Additionally, the issue of abortion is a medical, having been an area of research over the years and has permeated so deeply into the fibers of society, resulting in stringent regulations as to how and why this procedure should be carried out. The repercussions of the abortion procedure are also dire, especially if the procedure is done without parental consent or on minors or out of the confines of a hospital. Different countries have different legislation surrounding this procedure, and therefore, it is vital for any reader or student to understand the topic and the different perspectives associated with it.

Tips for Writing an Abortion paper

• Introduce the topic

Ensure that you have a specific scope of focus as you begin to draft the paper. This may be dependent on the instructions of your lecturer but in case you are not restricted, examine what particularly is interesting to you about the topic and center your introduction and thesis on it as this will give you an easy time as you continue to draft your paper. Choose a topic that you will be able to handle within the timeframe and word limit and determine the suitability of your topic by checking with your professor. Note: Abortion is related to miscarriage, and sometimes, the two terms can be used interchangeably. The first type of abortion is referred to as a spontaneous abortion. This happens when a mother loses the pregnancy prematurely and is also known as a miscarriage. There is also induced abortion, which refers to the intentional termination of a pregnancy and this is where the most controversy lies. It is, therefore, important that you do not confuse these terms as you write the abortion research paper.

• Body of the paper

As you continue to explore the topic, you will have the body of the paper. To make your arguments relevant, always refer back to your thesis and ensure your arguments are consistent. In your arguments, discuss use statistics to support your arguments and ensure your information is correct. Refer to research when necessary, and ensure that your paragraphs flow naturally and complement each other. The body of the paper will contain a literature review on your chosen area on the abortion topic. Study the topic and whether you choose to focus on regions or trends associated with the topic, go deep into the literature, discussing policies health systems and medical provisions that contribute to the state of affairs in relation to abortion. Most likely to be effective is a systematic literature review as it forces a student to focus on peer reviewed articles that explore this issue. Issues such as indicators and quality of care in relation to abortion are discussed in the literature review, but as the student, you have the liberty to choose what exactly you will discuss according to the topic you choose to focus on.

• Conclusion

As you write the conclusion, ensure that it mirrors the contents of your paper. Summarily state what you have discussed in the paper. Do not introduce new ideas in this part of the paper but make it full of information such that the reader can understand the content of your paper simply by reading the conclusion.

Extra tips to make your abortion research paper stand out

• Look at fact sheets online as they can help you understand how to arrange your paper after you narrow down on the topic.

• Ensure that you follow the lecturer’s specified format when writing the paper and that your in-text citations are mirrored in the reference section. Anything that is quoted directly from a source should be cited, and any ideas that are not yours should be cited as well. This is done to ensure that you do not fall victim to plagiarism and are not penalized for it. Additionally, ensure that you evaluate the paper and your word choices to ensure you are on target. You may find that you need to eliminate entire paragraphs or pages sometimes and come up with new and more relevant pieces of information. Ensure the tone of the paper is consistent.

• Proofread your work and edit where necessary. A friend can go through the paper on your behalf and point out some errors you may not be able to see. Additionally, make use of online grammar engines, but make sure you read the paper again before submission to catch any other mistakes as grammar engines are not always accurate. If there are any errors in typography and mechanics, you should consider correcting it. Do this after writing your paper.