What is Chemistry

Chemistry is defined as the scientific field involved with the analysis of compositions, structures and properties of different substances as they undergo changes during reactions. For purpose of our discussion, Chemistry is a study subject or a discipline undertaken in, high schools all the way to tertiary institutions such as colleges and universities.

Importance of Chemistry and its Related Discipline

Chemistry is important in many areas of our lives. Since it helps in analyzing of chemical compositions and properties of substances under different circumstances, it is crucial in the study of all science subjects like biology and physics. The discipline has been divided into branches such as biochemistry, physical chemistry, neurochemistry, analytical chemistry, electrochemistry, agricultural chemistry among others. It contributes to proficiency of practitioners in for instance teachers, engineers, lab assistants, pharmacologists, DNA analysts, vets, and forensics. The list is extensive, indicating its significance in both academics and practice. For us to succeed in almost all technical subjects we need to sit and pass an examination or do a practice related to the subject.

Passing chemistry assignments is a gateway to many other scientific disciplines such as physic and biology. Protons and atoms are the core reasons why we answer the questions of energy and arsenals to protect countries. Earth science and environmental sciences helps not only to make the world better but also gives a solution to manage waste products and slower the effects of green house. Studying chemistry may also be fulfilling when the learner wants to engage in discoveries such as pharmaceutical chemistry or any medical chemistry for the betterment of human health. All these advantages come from knowledge that is acquired either through direct coaching or online tutoring of chemistry classes.

Need for chemistry help, learning and assistance is offered

Not many people achieve good performance in chemistry on their own because of reasons that will be detailed later. But all learners can improve their understanding and academic performance. When assisted to understand their topics, they become confident in carrying out their assignments. Help is recommended for academicians in different levels scholarships and professionals in various practical fields for instance teachers and tutors. Chemistry as a subject or field is perceived difficult especially to “art-based”, slow learners or other categories of “dull” students. In contrary, researches have shown that many science students do not attain their optimal grades because of a myriad of reasons, many not related to their being art-based or dull, and that if given assistance in various areas of their studies most can improve their performance tremendously.

Stages of Learning and Dynamics in the Field

Worldwide, chemistry as a subject is introduced to students at secondary and high school levels. It is offered for students pursuing certificates and diplomas in colleges and tertiary institutions. The study is offered at bachelor, master and higher degrees in universities. Therefore, assistance in the subject should be tailored along levels of learning and purpose of programs. For instance, it should be customized to suit particular degree, diploma or certificate pursued and the question or task to be answered. College students will expect to be offered college-tailored materials and not masters or Ph.D. One-fit all solutions cannot work. Language employed in delivery of the project must be relevant to the student’s stage of learning. Help must improve learners’ understanding of the topic. Help is not intended to make students get higher marks in lieu of proper grounding or comprehension of the topic at hand. Helpers must ensure that communication between them and students is that of teacher-leaner in best of scenarios. The endeavor is to treat the students as partners; assistants are supposed to be reasonable, accommodative and friendly to clients; they should overcome the interpersonal challenges that hamper students’ confidence in pursuing of the subject. Finally, learners benefit from chemistry help services at any stage of their learning. Assistants must adapt to the styles and timelines of students, and not the other way round, and take into cognizance learners’ stages of learning and the institutional requirements. Assistants ought to be qualified and reliable and to offer value for money.

Categories of Learners and Help Offered

Scholars are sometimes categorized as slow or fast. They are also said to be art-oriented or science-oriented, meaning they are natural capable of performing well either in science or art subjects. This means that some students may not naturally be good in sciences. This may be true to some extent, but the underlying factors that determine understanding and attainment of desirable results by students is one’s attitude, hard work and persistence. But they must have the means, materials and friendly environments for them to achieve. Good helpers take into consideration clients’ unique capabilities and exploit ways of maximizing their potentials irrespective of the environment at institutions.

Lack of confidence could be associated in realities on ground like poor facilitation in areas of tools, apparatus and unfriendly classrooms. Good help comes with innovative ways of providing services that overcome the limitation but boost outcomes. Feedback is indispensable for achievement of great experience. It goes a long way in the realization of mutual goals and in developing long-lasting relationships. Many scholars have busy schedules. They could be working and taking part-time studies. There are those who are overwhelmed by family duties. Many academicians opt for online classes or complete virtual scholarships. To sum it all, time is seldom a plenty resource and has to be managed well. Scholars require to realistically evaluate their programs and to decide what help they need. Gone are the days when acquiring a master degree, for instance, took a decade! There is a good reason for one to register for a certificate or degree. Wasting time is none of possible reasons. A too hurried program may exhausts learners. Assistants must ensure that they discuss with clients about timing of the programme and settle on a schedule that is convenient to the learner.

Currently a good reason that a scholar must consider getting help is the coming of the Covid-19 pandemic. Many academic institutions have re-examined their stands vis-à-vis allowing students to pursue different chemistry certificate disciplines from home. Many institutions have been shut down and student sent home. Even as the future of this pandemic virus is not known, it is assumed that its aftermath may bring major changes in the way programmes are offered. Many students need to consider getting assistance from outside their institutions. A number of researchers are involved in complicated projects with many facets. A lot more are involved in more than one project at ago. It is time to dedicate some aspects of research to assistants, especially in compiling their papers.Help in chemistry come in writing of reports, carrying out of researches and in assembling of tools and apparatus including suitable software. This is is done at our company with with cheaper prices that are competitive in the market.

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