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Have you ever wondered where you can get instant help where you have noted that time is money? Sometimes you get to be given a lot of assignments in school with a very limited time to complete all the papers that are required by the school curriculum. No matter what we do time will still be the basis of our schedules. It is through this that onlinewritingexperts.com provides a platform for anyone who finds himself in such situations. There are custom papers for sale in our platform. This should not be confused with the fact that even if you need a particular written essay or any other type of writing styles, that your paper will be plagiarized. We do not sell the pre-written papers in our company but write a new order with the shortest time possible.

Types of Academic Writing Papers

Academic writing involves various types of papers being written. When advancing in academics, one is likely to be required to write different types of academic papers depending on the subject matter such as; Dissertations, Term papers, Book review or Literature reviews, Proposals, Comparison and Contrast essays, Outlines, Recipes, and many others. These papers are vital since they can be used to explore technical, social, and scientific issues. Lecturers in higher learning institutions use these papers to evaluate the understanding of their learners Nevertheless; it can be quite challenging to write these types of papers for the first time. However, when one put focus in mind, researches properly the topic, and organize ideas well it becomes manageable to write a valuable paper.

Each and every type of paper has its style of approach. There are those papers that will need literature support, while others do not require them. Similarly, there are those types of essays that will require to be written in point form whereas others require being a continuous prose. The style of the essay is determined by the instructions of the paper. Nevertheless, any research paper involves four essential stages of development. First one has to choose a topic. A topic of an essay summarizes the whole paper in a sentence. Secondly, one researches more about the topic. Here, a library or online resources are vital to gather information. This is followed by preparing an outline. The outline gives step-by-step of the final paper to be written. Finally, a student is ready to start the actual writing. However, one significant point to be noted when doing any academic assignment is avoiding plagiarism at all cost. Plagiarism is the act of copying directly from a resource and pasting it in the essay paper.

This paper seeks to discuss various types of papers in academic writing. First, there is a dissertation. Dissertation is a long formal type of paper on a particular topic or subject. This type of paper is mostly written by University students acquiring a degree or qualifying for a diploma course. It is usually a long paper full of information concerning a specific issue. Research has it that dissertations are made up of more than twenty pages.

Secondly is the writing of an outline. In many cases, the lectures ask students to make outlines of a research before doing the actual writing. Therefore, an outline is a plan describing how an essay out to be written. Most outlines start with the introduction and end with the conclusion. However, each and every student might have a different outline for a similar topic depending on the understanding of the required essay.

Argumentative research essay is another type of writing one will be required to do during their studies in colleges or university. It is a genre of writing whereby the learner is asked to investigate a topic, gather information, assess evidence, and establish a position on the concise topic. An argumentative essay needs extensive research of literature. Therefore, one has to prove the topic of discussion in the literature review section. Moreover, there is need at times to write a discussion essay. Discussion essays at times are challenging to be handles by the students. One is given a topic to discuss. For instance, a lecture can ask students to discuss importance of acquiring higher learning education. This type of paper needs a student to take a stance. Point out vividly the position the writer is taking is essential for this writing. Nevertheless, after taking a stance and giving the reasons, one is required to give some points on the other part of the story of the topic.

In addition, students are asked to write a proposal as a type of academic writing. A proposal is a plan, an outline or a scheme marketing document that help build a relationship between a donor and an association over a particular venture to be executed. It gives all the required information concerning the group (Swales et al, 2017). The mission, objective and benefits of the organization to the members and the society are discussed. Therefore, a proposal is a vital document in any association that wishes to apply for support. Writing of proposals has been proven to be a challenging skill for many people. Nevertheless, it is essential to note that when writing a proposal, ideas are supposed to be communicated clearly, be concise, persuasive, and to the point.

A term paper is another academic paper learners write while pursuing their studies in universities and colleges. Most of the time, a term paper research paper is required at the completion of an institute semester. It trails and assesses the scholars’ acquaintance about the course. Usually, the term paper entails a lot of study and technical writing proficiency. Nevertheless, the paper should be well-researched, organized, and well-written to reflect the specific topic. Prose research papers are the common types of academic paper written by students. This is simply an essay where the writer gives their views concerning the topic in question. It has the introduction part, the body, and is completed with a conclusion. This type of paper requires a writer to be creative enough to synthesis the topic being tackled.

Compare and contrast essays are type of papers that require one to give comparison of two or more ideas, things or organizations. Here, the student gives the differences and similarities of the issues at hand. Nevertheless, the learner develops a thesis statement indicating their position of the topics. Therefore, the writer has to take sides and give points in support of the stand. A laboratory report is a written report of the lab. This assignment is common among students doing medical or engineering course. Recording the results of the experiment is not enough for this type of writing as many tend to think. Explanations of the data presented and the short comings of the lab report are essential. Students should be encouraged to write lab reports that answer the question at hand than deviating from the course.

Last but not least, recipes are commonly known as plan to prepare a particular type of food. Students have often been asked to prepare or write a recipe at one given point during their course. Unlike other types of writing where the writing is done in prose, here the recipe is written in point forms. It also has the ingredient part, which guide the writer what to be used step by step.

Finally, is the book review or literature review type of assignment? In this type of paper, the author is needed to give the summary of a book or a type of literature writing. Furthermore, the student needs to understand the book clearly before engaging in writing its review. Sometimes, the review includes stating the short comings of the author of the literature review.