How to Write a College Essay

Most colleges would want to admit to the applicants who meet most of their admission requirements. One of the requirements is the college essay, which the admission committee must go through and ensure it meets the standards. The essay writing is not only a requirement when applying for college admission; it is also an important platform to display the applicant’s writing prowess. The essay gives a student the chance to communicate directly with the college admission board on their suitability as students in the institutions. The student gets a good platform to convince the college selection panel on why they should be given an opportunity to study in the college as opposed to the other applicants.

Additionally, the college essay is an opportunity for the college admission board to evaluate the communication skills of the incoming student. While a good grade in high school provides a good chance for the student to join college, the essay evaluates the student’s capacity to cope with the academic and social level of the institution. The college is expected to impart the necessary knowledge, skills, and values necessary for the student to cope with the outside life. However, communication is a key aspect and most colleges put emphasis on this essential skill.

Essay writing not only requires a lot of time and imagination but also takes considerable study and research. It highlights the learner's ambitions and interests as well as the reasons why the college is the right match for the applicant. Whereas there is a great deal of creativity, it has to be practical and convincing to the college selection committee. The academic interests and the extra-curricular activities that the learner highlights in the essay must match the college academic disciplines and their extra-curricular activities. This is a clear way to portray the student’s interest in the college. Without this, the leaner could lose the opportunity to be admitted in the various disciplines and extracurricular activities that are offered at the college.

The student should know how to write a great college essay that is appropriate to the status of the institution they are applying. The language and grammar should show a student ready to integrate into the status of the college. Consequently, the student should invest more time in knowing how to write good college essays. The institution does not expect the applicant to submit an essay that has grammatical and typing errors. Thus, one has to write and proofread their work including using their fellow students to review for errors. A college essay that contains errors portrays of a student who is not ready for the college academic life. It is an early sign of a lazy student who will eventually earn poor grades. The performance of an institution is as important as it is for the student hence the college emphasis on quality essay.

There is liberty on the side of the student in selecting the topic for the college essay. At times, the college will give a topic on which the candidate shall write about. Whichever the case, the applicant is expected to be creative in order to cultivate the attention of the reader. Enthusiasm is important in any writing, as it will not only show your academic capability but also your ability to capture the attention of the college administrators. Monotonous college essays tend to be stale and boring to the readers thus, are lowly rated. This is the time to moderately exhibit one's unique talents and your accomplishments as a way to win the hearts of the college selection committee. The essay writing is the only remaining part of the college application process where the applicant has full control hence the need to take advantage and portray their real personality.

In writing the essay, there is always a personal statement, which is a significant item. While the college would ask you for at least an academic interest, they would also ask you to write an essay on the reaction to general issues. These would include topics such as the honor code or a person of significant influence such as “Tell us about a song that you would sing in a college graduation ceremony” or “What would you tell the president if you had the chance to meet him.” Once you choose a topic, you must put your best foot forward since every essay tells a story about an applicant. Further, the college shall use this story to judge the applicant's suitability for admission to their college. The admissions counselors would want to get a glimpse of your life from your essay. Thus, it is important to think about your life. The small insignificant things that happen in life could be a good topic for a college essay.

However liberal the essay might be, the learner should able careful not to mention negative aspects of the prospective college as it shows their disinterest in the college and this might lock them out of admission. In addition, the student should avoid using general phrases such as "since the first day I visited this campus, I knew this s the best college for me" Without an elaboration to support the phrase, this statement adds no value in the essay. Despite outstanding grades, the poor choice of terms will lead to the rejection of the essay and the subsequent denial of admission to the college.

When coupled with average academic and extra curriculum activities, the essay portrays of a student who will add little value to the college. This could even deny the candidate admission to their preferred institution. Thus, it is important for the students to take the essay as an opportunity to speak their mind directly to the college admission committee rather than an obstacle. Whereas you could possess quality grades, standardized test scores, as well as exemplary performances at the extracurricular activities, these were part of the original application and therefore not necessary in the second stage of admission. Neither the letters of recommendation will help make any difference, as they are considered redundant. The following are specific tips on how to write a college essay that will guarantee you a college admission.

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Master the Admission Board Psychology

Once you compile and submit your college applications, they are piled together with hundreds of other applications. The college admission board will then go through the applications in order to select the suitable candidates. Before the applicant writes the college essay they need to put themselves in the mind of the admission board and get to know what kind of student the board could be looking for. Some of the reasons for candidates to be selected will include academic excellence once selected, contribution to the educational excellence of other students in the college as well as bringing prestige and respect to the institution. Therefore, the student needs to write a college essay that portrays how they will be able to meet such goals using terms such as honor, excellence, prestige among others.

Determine the Essay Goal

Once given a topic on which to write your college essay, the applicant must then try to understand how the admission board will perceive them once they read their essay. Therefore, they have to impress by portraying themselves positively as people who are dependable, hardworking, responsible and academically motivated. The applicant needs to highlight other features that are not too obvious. For example, if the student has excelled in academics, they need to choose another feature that they would want to show thus adding their value.

Stand Out from the Crowd

With hundreds of college admission applications received by the admissions board, the applicant must come up with an essay that is unique from the others. There should be strategic thinking on how to write a good college essay. The student can look at the many college essays prompts provided by the college and decide on the best idea. In addition, they should focus on the features that make them stand out from the rest such as public speaking, multiple languages or plays piano.

Add Value to the College

One goal of the college admission board is to select a student who would contribute to the college academically, socially and morally. For international students, they can do so by bringing in cultural diversity. The student should highlight this in the essay to give them a competitive edge against other applicants. They should indicate their plans in adding value to the university such as they shall join the football team, help write student newsletter on cultural diversity or form study groups to help other students academically.

Comprehend and Answer the College Essay Prompt

Once you have come up with your ideas, narrow down to at most three ideas. This will ensure that the college essay is very focused thus eliminating any vagueness. Reading the college prompt seems an obvious thing to students but they do not take time to understand it. Thus, you need to read and comprehend what it requires in order to give your best. The college prompt is supposed to give you a head start into writing the essay.

Write the Essay in Fine Details

The essay should be specific to create a stronger impression on the college admissions board. There must be evidence to support any idea that comes into the mind in order to capture the attention of the board. The student should use examples or instances, create imagery and replace some general nouns such as “cars” with more specific nouns such as “Honda Civic”. One needs to avoid being too modest and let their strength and personality stand out to help the College Board easily judge you.

Demonstrate College Level Word Choice

The word choice reveals the personality, education and intellectual capability of an individual. Thus, the student must choose a language that will convince the college admission board that the student has an excellent command of the English language. Thus, you need the right choice of words including replacing lower level words such as bad, sad, nice with higher level words such as appalling, phenomenon, and despondent.

Portray College-Level Style

The applicant needs to demonstrate that they already have the right college-level writing skills ready for the admission. Thus, in writing the college essay, the student must use complex sentences as opposed to simple or compound sentences. In addition, they should include a scheme or trope such as anaphora as well as use figurative language such as metaphor and personification.

Proofread your College Essay

This is one of the most important parts of the college essay. The applicant would want to appear as one who pays attention to details. Thus, they need to get someone to proofread their essay to check on the grammar used, diction and the coherence of thoughts. It is not advisable to proofread your work as in some instances the impression of words in the student’s head may be different in the way they have written them in the paper.

Pay Attention to Deadline

Despite having a captivating essay, the failure to observe the deadline could lead to the rejection of your request for admission. The college has a lot of work looking into the various college essays submitted. A delay in submission could portray of a student who is not serious in their work and will be troublesome in meeting the college expectations. The student should follow the essay submission details issued to avoid inconveniences. None of the rules should be taken for granted, as this is enough ground for turning down your application.

Thus, every learner must adequately prepare for the college essay so as to could handle it professionally. In case you are unable to write a good essay, one can check in the college library on some of the college essay examples. They could start brainstorming on the topic while in high school to make it easier for them to generate the essay topic. A well-researched topic that articulates the learner's creativity of ideas is a good recipe for admission. Every learner must invest resources in learning how to write and submit a proper college essay paper

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