Example of Persuasive Speech in Real Life!

Rita was a student studying at the university under a scholarship. Her star seemed to be shining bright, and her tenacious nature seemed to be helping her keep it all together. She was doing well in her classwork and her extra-curricular activities as well until the day when as a matter of chance, her nationality became a matter of question. She was presented before the college’s admission committee and what was discovered is that she was an undocumented immigrant. This led to a spiral of events that saw her being stripped of her scholarship and before anyone knew it, she was back to nothing. She eventually dropped out of college, unable to keep up with the financial demands and keep herself in school. However, she soon caught the attention of the media and touched by her circumstances, one Mr. Boon, a lawyer was particularly keen on her case. He approached her and persuaded her to let him take her case. It was only after several tries in a span of three months that she finally allowed him to take the case and after several meetings with the school admissions committee which extended to one year, the lawyer was able to persuade them to take Rita back as a student and reinstated her into the scholarship program. She eventually graduated at the top of her class and today, Rita could not be any happier with the turn of events. She attributes her success to Mr. Boon’s ability to persuade both her and the admissions board..

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The power of persuasion is seen every day, in court rooms, places of worship and even in the classroom. We, however, focus on good persuasive speeches today, diving into a type of writing and skill that is not only helpful in the classroom setting but may come in handy beyond the classroom as well. Below, we explore the possible persuasive speech topics that may be of interest to a student and how to best come up with a convincing speech through different techniques. These are however the guidelines on how to write a good persuasive speech. It is used to act as an example of what should be expected by the lectures. We also write for our students at a small fee and guide them throughout their academic journey and professional too. Feel free to click on “post homework” above for a unique paper on persuasive speech topics.

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Types of Persuasive Speeches

Different types of persuasive speeches are determined by its content and the subject matter at hand. Given a persuasive speech topic, it may fall under any of these three categories:

• Value Persuasive Speech

These types of persuasive speeches are based on the morality of an issue, for instance, aversion of taxes and whether it is justified. These are speeches that would require one to introduce appeals or information and the criteria for judgement. The speaker must let the audience believe why he/she takes that particular rule od deciding what is wrong or what is right. Most of the time this type depends with the cultural view of ethics, defining what is culturally acceptable and what is not.

• Policy Persuasive Speech

These kinds of speeches address key policy issues. They are mostly delivered by those in government or those who are vying for political office to convince an audience to either support or reject a policy or candidate. Speeches delivered during presidential campaigns by candidates of both sides may fit the criteria for policy persuasive speeches.

• Factual persuasive speech

This type of speech focuses on the truth in a topic and usually, is backed by evidence. For instance, a student can try to persuade his audience that there is life on Mars and with evidence to back up this claim; it becomes a factual persuasive speech. There are different types and ways that can be used to identify if something is factual or not. This depends with the basic methods that helps to explain or convince the audience. they include, historical controversy that tries to show something is true from the historical records created. Another basic is the question of the present existence which is an obvious situation that shows that actually something is currently happening. Finally, there is a situation that brings about prediction that something will happen in future. The speaker should be able to make sure that he/she has a research or supporting evidence that his theory is right and that the audience would be waiting on the same thing to happen.

Persuasive Techniques

The persuasive techniques that you can use to convince an audience depend on the type of speech that you have and the persuasive essay topic at hand. Some of the major persuasive techniques include:

• Appeal to reason and logic/ logos

This is an appeal to the audience’s intellect. For instance, when talking about the issue of climate change, you can tell the audience about changing weather patterns and the greenhouse effect and how these have implications for climate change. You can then use this argument as a basis to explain why we need to combat the situation.

• Appeal to emotion

This is also known as pathos. If you use this technique to convince your audience in light of a persuasive speech topic, you can make them feel sad, angry or happy to help your case. For instance, if your speech is aimed at making people donate towards a charity in foreign countries, you may tell the audience that their contribution may help take a child off the street and into a proper school with at least a meal a day.

• Appeal to ethics/morals/ethos

. If you turn to your audience’s sense of morality, it may help your case. For instance, killing goes against the laws of the land and is immoral in all senses.

The techniques mentioned above have passed the test of time as speakers from as far back as the times of ancient Greece used these techniques to convince audiences. Sometimes, these techniques are used in combination to achieve maximum effect. Some other types of appeal that may not be as affective but can be used as well include:

• The concept of plain folks

Sometimes, people like politicians win the trust of the public because they choose to behave like ordinary folks. They simply go out to the field and help communal workers collect garbage. By appearing as an average Joe in your speech, you can convince the audience. You can do this, for example, by using real life examples in your speech to show that you are connected to the reality.

• Rhetorical questions

. Rhetorical questions do not only draw attention to the persuasive speech topic but also help the audience think alongside the speaker.

• Repetition

By repeating patterns or information, you get to drive a point home, and the audience is likely to believe you.

Tips for writing a good persuasive speech

• Strong openings

A strong opening will have the audience on the edges of their seats. Start off your speech with something that will grab the attention of the audience then quickly link yourself and the topic with them. It may also help to explain your credentials or goals and give them an idea of what you hope to address.

• Persuasive evidence

. As discussed above, you can use various strategies to persuade your audience. However, ensure that your points stay logical and flow smoothly and that your sources are credible.

• Address opposing parties

This is not a chance to trash opposing views. Explain objectively instead and use the techniques mentioned above to convince them otherwise.

• As you conclude, use your main points to bring in a call to action especially if you were trying to lobby support for a certain course.

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