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Example of Proposal Writing

A proposal is a plan, an outline or a scheme marketing document that help build a relationship between a donor and an association over a particular venture to be executed. It gives all the required information concerning the group. The mission, objective and benefits of the organization to the members and the society are discussed. Therefore a proposal is a vital document in any association that wishes to apply for support. Writing of proposals has been proven to be a challenging skill for many people. Nevertheless, it is essential to note that when writing a proposal, ideas are supposed to be communicated clearly, be concise, persuasive, and to the point.

There are various types of proposals. However, this paper seeks to discuss the five most common and important proposals. First, there is the business proposal. This type of proposal is a document to a prospective client, highlighting the services and commodities one is dealing with in their businesses and giving reasons why you are the best supplier of the goods and services. When writing the proposal, it should contain the title page which include; owner’s business name, name of the firm, forename of the recipient, and the date. Also, it should contain the table of content, which come immediately after the title page. A great executive summary of the business follow, statement of the problem, the cost that will be incurred and the efficiency of providing the commodity or the service. Finally, point out the benefits of engaging in business with your company.

Secondly is the project proposal. This is a type of proposal that a person present to supporters/ donors seeking to receive funding or wanting their projects approved. It should contain essential information about the project because the sponsors ought to evaluate them before approving it. It has little difference with the business proposal on the title page. Whereas business proposal has the name of the owner of the company, a project proposal has the names of the members in the project with their contact. However, it also has the project summary, challenges facing the project, the cost that is required to be incurred, time frame for the project, and any other financial statements incurred.

Thirdly is the grant proposal. It is a proposal written to an organization, a foundation or a government seeking financial support for charities. In this case, the corporation should be interested in the project with no benefits to be realized at all by the supporter. It also highlights the problem at hand, discuss some of the ways of solving the challenge, approximate the funds required, outline what is supposed to be achieved by setting realistic outcomes, and state other funding organizations if available. Most of the time, the proposal has no title page and is accompanied with a cover letter. In addition, there is sales proposal. Sales proposal is a type of plan written by a salesperson or a contractor to a specific person or firm seeking for approval of their goods and services. The proposal has the same feature of the business proposal. It has a title page just like that of the business proposal.

However, it is written based on the commodity or service the client wants. Also, it includes feature of the good to be supplied to the person or company with a manual if the appliance is electronic. Furthermore, it comprises the benefits the buyer will receive when purchasing the commodity from the company. Therefore, a description of the item with its effectiveness is essential part of the proposal. Thus, it is much persuasive than the first three proposals discussed above. It is sought of an advertisement. Nevertheless, it differs with other types of proposals since it has the theme after the title page.

Finally, there is a sponsorship proposal. Here, a person writes a proposal to sponsors requesting for funding of a non-profitable organization. It has similar characteristics like the grant proposal and the business proposal. It has the title page that consists of the name of the writer, company’s name, the name of the recipient, and the date. However, it is accompanied with sponsorship proposal letter and a sponsorship level manuscript. The two documents are vital since they will give the sponsor ideas and reasons that make one seek for funding. The proposal is also different with other types since it requires to be started with a professional header. Nevertheless, it consists of the organization description, importance of sponsorship services, and a conclusion. In summary, there are many types of proposals one can be required to write at a given time. The above discussed plans are the essential and most requested types of proposals to be written.

The style of writing each one of them differs slightly with the other. There are those that require being attached the cover letter or sponsorship fact sheet while others do not need them. However, it is vital to note that a proposal should be persuasive to the financier/ recipient. While doing the research on how to write a proposal, whether it is a topic proposal, grant proposal or any other type, there are leads that may help you do good job. Nevertheless, you may be tied up and thus would like us to work on your paper. There are good online writers in our platform that are willing to offer cheap online writing and making sure that they offer you a good paper that follows your requirement.

Sometimes we need to do a thorough research on the grant providers and come with the best that suits your explanation and or type of human service that you are offering. When you have such tasks, make sure that you relax yourself and seek for the online writing experts to guide you on How to do it or even work on your behalf. There are times that you may want to get a proposal writing example that will guide you in writing your proposal. In this case we give live and online proposal writing that will be unique according to your instructions. Give our proposal writing professional a chance to give you the best of the topic proposal among other types. They will also write the proposal of the project that you want to start. In case there is a proposal that you want written professionally, just order with us and wait as our writers work on your assignment for quality delivery.

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