Speech Writing

When writing a speech that you are supposed to give or maybe for someone, there are several areas that you are required to consider. It is crucial to consider that the speech is not only for you as the speaker but partially belongs to the audience that will receive. In order to write a good speech therefore, you will have to ask yourself a number of questions including; who is my audience? What does the audience needs? Why have they invited me here to give the speech? And what do they want to listen? When you have the answers to the above questions you will be good to go and most probably will be able to write a best man speech. Consider the simple example on how to write a speech below which will give you the initial makeup of the speech that we will follow step by step until you are good to go. In Case, you are not satisfied by the tips that are given and would like to get more information, just click the (make order ) above and let our professional online writers work towards teaching you how to do it and all that you are required to know for the best write-up. We can also make the writing for you as an example and by following the instructions that you will give us.

How to Write a Speech

Imagine a nervous young man who has just taken out his girlfriend for a dinner date. Throughout the date, he seems twitchy, with incoherent speech and his lass notices the same, setting a rather sombre mood for the night since she cannot understand why he seems to be on the edge of his seat. He is nervous, and a thin line of sweat breaks down his face when she finally starts heading for the door. He calls her back and rather unexpectedly, delivers a touching speech, more coherently now, before finally proposing to her. She says yes, and then some more sobs continue as the rest of the crowd in the restaurant cheers. In a rather unexpected twist of fate, what started out as a normal date turns out to be the beginning of the rest of their lives. What, however, transpired, was more than what could be seen by the naked eye. The man had to prepare, and this included the speech. And even after preparation, there were still hiccups. This points to the importance of preparing a speech as some simple steps can make or break your speech. Even after the proposal, there will be the writing of the best man speech and other special speeches as well. Speech writing is, therefore, an important part of life that must be given the seriousness it deserves. Below, we expound on how you can achieve the objectives of writing your speech by giving you all the necessary speech writing tips. We also highlight the persuasive speech outline as this is one of the most common forms of speeches you will meet as a student and beyond the classroom as well.

Speech writing tips

• Limit your speech to a few ideas. To write a proper speech that will draw in your crowd, ensure that you do not include too many ideas that will bombard the crowd with unnecessary information. Additionally, people remember very little after the speaker has left the stage. Desist from making too many points as they will only hang on to a few of your ideas.

• Use concrete examples in your speech. It may be easy to overlook this tip, but it is pertinent that you remember it. For instance, in a speech about the environment, instead of simply stating that trees are being cut down, you can quote a statistic and say, “Up to 7.3 million hectares of forest are cut down each year according to UNFAO-The United Nations’ Food and Agriculture Organization. This area is about the size of Panama.” Such a statement is memorable, and they are likely to understand the magnitude of the matter as opposed to when general statements are made.

• Structure. Structure your persuasive speech classically with the problem-solution approach. Let the audience know there is a problem and what the problem is, then work with them towards finding the solution. This will help you to retain the attention of the audience and to involve them as well.

• Short and precise. While this may seem an unlikely point to note, it would be of help if you wrote your speech like you speak. This involves the use of word contractions and short sentences. This makes it easier to deliver your points and will help your audience remember the main points as well. Additionally, once you are done with the draft, go back and cut back on your words as this will contribute to the clarity of the speech.

• Humanize yourself. You are the bearer of the message, and thus, your audience views you and the message as one. You, therefore, have a duty to convince your audience to buy into your ideas. Your body language and style of delivery will be crucial and should leave an impression on the audience. Choose your words carefully to help you connect with the audience and avoid looking like you are selling instead of persuading them.

Persuasive Speech Outline

Once a topic for your speech has been decided, you can use the speech outline below to ensure that you deliver your message systematically. The following is a persuasive speech outline that will help you come up with an inimitable speech:

• Introduction. In your introduction, make sure to include an attention grabber. You can do this by using a one liner about your nervousness for instance, or you can make use of an anecdote or statistic. The point is to get the audience to listen and build trust between you and them. Introduce the topic at hand and why it is a concern to you and should be to them as well. After ensuring that your introduction has them listening, you can then proceed to the body where you introduce your ideas to them.

• Body The gist of any persuasive speech is usually found in the body as this is where you get to involve the audience. You can present your ideas to the audience as points, two or three of them as we earlier established that listeners only take away a few points from an entire speech. In the first part of your points, you make a claim. These claims are often followed by evidence that supports them. Allude to an author or two as you make your points to make the message plausible. Additionally, you can make use of persuasive techniques such as logos, pathos, and ethos to ensure you pass your points adequately. After making your points, ensure that you have an extra point in which you acknowledge different points of view. This will convince those in the audience that you understand that those contrary opinions also exist.

• Conclusion. The conclusion should contain a recommendation of what should be done concerning the issue at hand. You then finish off by concluding about the topic based on your points in the speech. .

As has been noted above, a fantastic persuasive speech is made up of the perfect words coupled with logic, a good understanding of the topic and some humour where possible. If, however, you still have a problem with how to write a speech, feel free to reach out for guidance through the speech-writing process. The best way is to learn from each other and that is the reason that onlinewritingexperts.com will continue making research on different topics that are easy but seems to be difficult when students are given this assignments to write on. Our team of writers are a qualified lot that have been trained to handle different disciplines as what they do all day every day is research on how to write different types of papers including essays, research, dissertation and others that are given as a homework in schools all over the world.

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